Javascript Game Programming

The best way to learn programming might be to play with some simple game code.

This is a dodgeball game.

Here is a link to the game:

Here is a link to the code:

Note that a speed increase and a score was added.

Two Powerful Gods

Elmer god of many
Homer god of none

Homer asks Elmer, "can you do anything?"
Elmer, "yes"
Homer than asks, "can you make a sun of a solar system cubed?"
Elmer thought for a moment (years)
He then moved his large powerful arm for an attempt
Elmer's arm fell apart...
He became shockingly aware that his body was made up of thinking entities

Elmer was made up of what was once planet dwelling people!!!

Elmer, "I guess some things are just not possible"

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

In the ending of “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, there are these creatures that show up and what are they? How about the evolution of the robots or humans on earth.

It started with some people being hopeful for the future and wanting power over themselves and their environment. How about some realizing the pain of some experiences...

Since such pains exist all functions that lead to any entity with such experiences most cease. This involves being careful with modeling the human body. Keeping the structure of artificial minds away from bad shapes. How much is it worth that painful qualia do not exist? Is it worth a structure built to the moon made of fail safes? Or maybe a giant hole dug to the center of the earth instead of the structure built to the moon? Is it worth more than life its self because life should only be for good?

These future entities rid themselves of non-helpful bad “experiences” and also serialized or mechanicalized helpful bad “experiences”. And the good experiences are echos of their interactions with environments. They take on the form that if such entities visited the earth, the clouds would seem a heaven and you would migrate to something more than just a dream.