Locating Radiation

How do you locate any kind of radiation source? How do you locate directed energy weapons? I think a good way to go about this is to use a cheap camera and micro-controller with powerful software that can 3d reconstruct the environment and track its own location and orientation. If you had such a device, you could then attach a radiation detector of some kind converting it into not just a sensing device but a locating device as well.

I Exist

I would imagine a window in front of my eyes, and then another window behind that one, and another behind that and so on. I would try to picture infinite transparency. I wanted to look through an infinite array of windows to see what I thought should be the truth. I was trying to get a glimpse at a universe that was real in my mind. A universe that had no objects, no trees, no stars, no sun, no earth, no people, and no I... Nothingness forever... Yet...