Locating Radiation

How do you locate any kind of radiation source? How do you locate directed energy weapons? I think a good way to go about this is to use a cheap camera and micro-controller with powerful software that can 3d reconstruct the environment and track its own location and orientation. If you had such a device, you could then attach a radiation detector of some kind converting it into not just a sensing device but a locating device as well.

I Exist

I would imagine a window in front of my eyes, and then another window behind that one, and another behind that and so on. I would try to picture infinite transparency. I wanted to look through an infinite array of windows to see what I thought should be the truth. I was trying to get a glimpse at a universe that was real in my mind. A universe that had no objects, no trees, no stars, no sun, no earth, no people, and no I... Nothingness forever... Yet...


I melted 20 locomotives to perfect spheres then flew them to outer space. I spun them on different axises and threw them together. I watched as they interacted for a very very Very long time.

I slammed a glass bottle against the wall.

The bottle was far bigger than the universe as we know it.

The bottle and the collision was very massive.

The contrast in space-time became so great that particle size became an attribute to the life of the particle.

Some particles was as big as the earth, some as big as an apple.

But size did not matter, for these missive particles acted like very super massive black holes with uniform event horizons.

I put two very super massive black holes on either side of an empty universe. I watched as they began to pull each other exponentially closer. When it seemed they where about to collide, they slowed to a near stop, SLOWLY orbiting at the end. I repeated this, adding a very slight rotation to one of them. The same thing happened except the orbit at the end was very fast. I threw another very super massive black hole at it which caused one of the black holes to fling out. I threw another and another. It seemed to juggle its self, but there was almost never more than two together.

The reason one very super massive black hole does not swallow another is because time is slower around them. I could move them all over the universe before one swallows another.

I placed two very super massive black holes together and waited about a billion years or so and watched as they moved a bit closer. I then threw another very super massive black hole at it and this time none of the black holes flung out.

Using just two black holes, what I have created was a proton (hydrogen atom without an electron).

The properties of an electron was not proven to an extent.

It is electrons that pose as this particle or that particle.