A quale is a four dimensional noun. It's a flame that burns in the form of a complex changing electrical circuit. A quale is a movie in the way that one frame is not a movie but a picture. It does NOT exist in one frame. It is also subjective, however I am wrongly writing about it as if it were objective... I can only know it by BEING one of it's forms...


I thought about humans of the future. What they would look like, how they would think and be. This is what I came up with:

Neo-humans could look like anything. There would be human like entities, Arjuna like entities, entities that could move through outer space, entities that are more or less intelligent than humans today, and entities that have qualia that we would or wouldn't understand. Maybe even entities that do not have any conscious awareness at all. Anyway, there be a diversity of these neo-humans given that a giant rock does not smash into the earth or something.

How they would think is a difficult question. If humans evolved the ability to secrete elmer's glue from their skin and stuck themselves together to form a neo-human organism, then I don't think I would know how it would think. But if neo-humans (however manifested) had the smarts to reconstruct themselves, they'd probably do it in a way that would make them happy and able to survive as long as possible.