A Funner Place

I think I know how to make a place more fun... Cat towers. We could build gigantic cat towers as big as skyscrapers and these would be fun to climb on and explore.

If you wanted to go to a bakery or if you were hungry for some steak, you would have to climb to get to it. But be careful because the carpet might be slippery. Maybe people would start evolving claws because all the people without them would likely slip off.

When you would meet a person at a store high above an intricacy of carpet, they'd be so alive. They'd be stoked. They'd be, "holy hell I almost died!". Not like people you'd see at a normal store.

I was also thinking maybe we could have these tall metal posts to touch and electrically discharge. They could have caution sighs on them saying "Warning Use Arm Only", because it would hurt to touch them with your hand.

Another cool thing is everyone could be equipped with a bow and arrow. Not for self defense but for solving problems in the environment. There could be a law that places of business must have brain teasers accessible to individuals. And if someone were to solve a teaser, that individual would get free stuff. For example, there could be large Rubik's cubes out in the distance by a hotel. And if someone shot one of these cubes to a solved state, they would get a free month to stay.

I would like to incorporate nunchucks and superbikes into this as well.