Programming is a Super Power

Programming is a super power. It allows individuals to do whatever they want, wherever relays are placed. The only limit is the programmer. When I first became aware of programming, I was more than shocked that no one had told me of its existence before...

In high school I decided to take a class I almost didn't take. It was a web design class. I thought, OK, it's probably a class where you use a graphical interface to draw pictures and add links to a web page. Nothing too interesting. Nothing I don't already know, but I'm a very artistic person and I don't know where else to let my talent shine. So, why not take it.

Turned out, it was a class where you type text commands or "tags", rather than use a graphical interface, to design your web page. I thought, what a waste of time. I already knew a way one could make web pages without typing a bunch of commands. So, what's the point of typing all of these commands when you could pretty much drag and drop items using a graphical interface?

A few weeks into it, something in my mind clicked. If you could use these commands to make images appear in various places, then could you make something more complicated? I then asked the teacher was it possible to make a game this way. She said yes.

That night I went to the library to use the Internet. I looked up the key words HTML and games and came across a pong game. I then printed the source code out, took it home and retyped it on my computer. I didn't understand it, but I started deleting parts of the code. Reducing it piece by piece. I would take something out and if the code wouldn't run, I would put it back and take something else out. I kept doing this until I had nothing but the ball showing up.

The paddles. The scoreboard. The divider line. All gone. All that was left when I ran the game was the ball just bouncing around and I could sort of see how the code corresponded with it. The next day I played around with it some more. Trying to figure out the meaning of the code. Replacing this symbol with that symbol. Moving this line to that line. Changing this number to that number. Adding things. Removing things. Until, something magical happened.

Setting in my armchair, my laptop on my lap, I leaned in and typed a code that I had never typed before. It was new to me and new to the world. I had never typed this code before, but I knew it was going to work. It was going to work because it's the law of LOGIC!

Clicka, Clicka.

Right after running it, my armchair started to levitate slowly upward. Magically moving closer and closer towards the ceiling... Behold, the power of programming! Just kidding. That didn't happen, but I felt as if my armchair had levitated because I then understood the true power and potential of computer programming. It's the ultimate technology. Programming reminded me of some aspects of electronics, and putting the two together, I could see the workings of modern technology. A bunch of logic gates is placed inside a piece of plastic which is called a computer. Manipulating the logic gates inside the computer using automation on top of automation and so on is called programming. This technology has an infinite potential limited only by one's imagination.

It only took me two days to learn how to program. One day of gutting code and one day of eating it. Now that I had mastered programming I could see the limitations of using a graphical interface. With text commands you can write complicated math functions which clash together and emerge into something new and maybe spectacular. Drag and drop Graphical interfaces or not low level enough to give you the same power.

Excited about my new found power, I began programming games as well as other projects. I would work on them as I would research and learn more about other programming languages. I also began writing code in other branches of science. Programming to the average person may not seem too special, but to me it is the most useful tool I have ever learned. To me, programming is certainly a super power.

A Funner Place

I think I know how to make a place more fun... Cat towers. We could build gigantic cat towers as big as skyscrapers and these would be fun to climb on and explore.

If you wanted to go to a bakery or if you were hungry for some steak, you would have to climb to get to it. But be careful because the carpet might be slippery. Maybe people would start evolving claws because all the people without them would likely slip off.

When you would meet a person at a store high above an intricacy of carpet, they'd be so alive. They'd be stoked. They'd be, "holy hell I almost died!". Not like people you'd see at a normal store.

I was also thinking maybe we could have these tall metal posts to touch and electrically discharge. They could have caution sighs on them saying "Warning Use Arm Only", because it would hurt to touch them with your hand.

Another cool thing is everyone could be equipped with a bow and arrow. Not for self defense but for solving problems in the environment. There could be a law that places of business must have brain teasers accessible to individuals. And if someone were to solve a teaser, that individual would get free stuff. For example, there could be large Rubik's cubes out in the distance by a hotel. And if someone shot one of these cubes to a solved state, they would get a free month to stay.

I would like to incorporate nunchucks and superbikes into this as well.